American Youth Basketball Tour (www.aybtour.com) is a national basketball program available for boys and girls who are in 3rd through 11th grade (B Cubed recommends this program only for exceptional 3rd grade players).  The program can run from as early as mid-April and as late as mid-July, however actual dates depend on the tournaments chosen and when your team starts practicing.  Practices typically occur locally and games occur through weekend tournaments in other cities.

To participate, a parent team manager must form a team.  If needed, B Cubed will assist with facility access for practices (for team with primarily Grand Haven players), finding a qualified coach (paid by the team), and filling a roster of players.  For practice facility access, individual players must register through NORA and pay a small fee.  For B Cubed assistance with any of these issues, please contact us.

It is important to note that when B Cubed helps fill a roster of players, we do so from the list of players who have participated in our Young Bucs or Fall/Winter Challenge Leagues. If a player wants the opportunity to help fill an AYBT roster, they should participate in any of these leagues.  It is possible for a player who did not participate to request B Cubed to add them to the potential player list by clicking here, however B Cubed cannot provide any performance information to a potential team.

The following documents have been created to help AYBT parent managers:

AYBT Parent Manager Responsibilities

AYBT NORA Player Registration Form and Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet – required for local team members who will practice within Grand Haven facilities

AYBT Rules and Regulations

AYBT Uniform Order Form (Excel)

AYBT Uniform Order Form (Adobe)

AYBT Roster Form (Excel)

AYBT Roster Form (Adobe)