Winter Challenge League

The Winter Challenge League is available for boys who are in 3rd through 8th grade, and runs from early January through the mid-March.  The league is external, and is designed to increase and maximize competition by playing a variety of local and non-local teams.  An effort is made to base game match ups on team skill, regardless of grade.  All games are played in Grand Haven.

Grand Haven 3rd through 8th grade boys must register to participate in the Winter Challenge League.  Participation will determine how many local teams we will have in each grade level.  Registration info for local teams can be found below under section 1.  All information on where to send registration and payment is located on the player registration form.

For 3rd grade teams it is IMPORTANT to note you will likely play 4th grade teams, as external 3rd grade teams are difficult to find.

If you have a outside team and are interested in playing in this league, you can choose to participate in one or more games (typically 8 to 16).  The team fee is based on the number of games chosen.  Prior to play, you should contact the Winter Challenge League Director to discuss the skill level of your team.

Due to the fluid nature of bringing in outside teams, it is important to note that game times are defined the week of play.  Games are officiated by MHSAA officials to help provide the best play.

If you are the parent manager of a local team planning on practicing within Grand Haven facilities, you must

1.  All players must complete the Winter Challenge League Player Registration Form, Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet, Participant Release, Indemnification, and Hold Harmless Agreement, Team Roster, and provide payment to NORA before your first practice.

2.  Coaches complete the NORA Volunteer Assessment Form (for a background check) and the Coaching Code of Conduct Agreement, and provide them to the B Cubed Coach Coordinator before your first practice.

4.  For Winter Challenge League Rules, click here.

If you are the manager of a non-local team, you must

1.  Complete the Winter Challenge League Team Registration and provide payment to NORA before your first game.

2.  Have all players on your roster complete the Participant Release, Indemnification, and Hold Harmless Agreement and provide it to the B Cubed Winter Challenge League Director before your first game.

3.  Make your head coach aware of the Coaching Code of Conduct Agreement we require to be signed by our area coaches.  Your head coach is not required to sign this document, but must abide by its expectations.

All participants may want to be aware of the Winter Challenge League Expectations of Parents, Players, and Coaches and the Winter Challenge League Game Rules.